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Do we need to come to you with finished architect plans?
No ... our specialisation is to integrate design and construction as this has by far and away produced the best results for our clients. If you already have plans prepared by a 3rd party designer, we will be happy to review these with you. Initially this review will include some background discussions to help us learn as much about you as we can. In this way we develop a clear understanding of your objectives and how your documents reflect your objectives.

Who is our point of contact during a renovation?

The Principal of our Company, Justo Bouzo is also our Construction Manager and he is directly available to you if you require office support. Matthew has a very capable office based team with specific responsibilities relating to you and your work, You will be communicating with all these people from time to time.

On site (at your home) your direct relationship will be with your Project Manager who will also be undertaking much of the building work. He will be working at your home on most days ... we are both amazed and delighted at the capacity, skill and commitment of our Project Managers as you will be. We strongly encourage you to ask as many questions as possible and discard hesitation

What documentation about my house do I need to have before starting to design my renovation?

It helps greatly if you have the original building plans for your home along with plans for any previous changes that may have been made to your home since it was first built. Site plans, drainage plans and survey certificates are also of great value during our Design Planning process.These things assist with clarity and save time. If you don't have them please don't worry. Give us a quick call and we will be happy to gather these documents for you. Typically the Authorities from whom we access these documents have a small Retrieval Charge and we will require your authority to make application on your behalf.

How can we help SBC during the renovation?
Teamwork and communication are the short answers! We are dependant on each other so being comfortable with each other, maintaining clear and regular communication between each other, handling our responsibilities in a timely manner all contribute to best results and experiences.
Also ... set out to enjoy the relationship and the experience. Sometimes things may not go as planned but be confident that we are absolutely committed to do right by you .

What is the meaning of Practical Completion?

Practical completion is the stage when the works have been completed in accordance with the contract. Most contracts define the meaning of practical completion and in some states there is a statutory meaning which building contracts must comply with.

How do I avoid/minimise budget "shock" ?
Budget Shock and over-runs occur due to unforseen events or variations during the construction phase.  We cannot emphasise the importance of spending time with the builder and architect during the planning stage to make sure variations and their knock-on impact are minimised.

What action can I take if the Builder does not commence Building Works when supposed to?

The start date for most home building contracts is reliant upon a number of preconditions being met (plans, council approval etc). Once these preconditions have been met, the builder must start by the time specified in the contract, or in some cases a time agreed to by the parties.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate in calling us