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New Residential Construction

Justo and the Team at SBC understand that the decision to build a new home is an important one, involving considerable emotional as well as financial commitment on the part of owners and designers.


SBC is confident that we have the personal approach, skill and experience to help you bring your dream to reality.


SBC Builder’s Licence holder and Managing Director, Justo Bouzo, leads a team of permanent staff working in the following disciplines:

  • Building Design.
  • Project Management.
  • Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting and Rendering Trades.
  • Sourcing and Logistics (delivery and warehouse) Management.
  • Administration.
  • Accounting.

Our Staff Members regularly attend training programs designed to ensure that they develop their knowledge of, building / construction practise, general and project specific management, regulatory and legal obligations (including OH&S, contract law and the BCA).


Over many years of successful building practice we have established a pool of loyal, skilled building specialist consultants, trades people and material suppliers, all with proven track records in delivering quality outcomes on time and within budget.


SBC is recognised for delivering quality outcomes all manner of residential building projects. We excel particularly in situations where:

  • The project specifications call for a high level of architectural detailing.
  • Site access is difficult (like steeply sloping sites), or limited (such as in built out areas).
  • Specialised engineering or construction solutions are required (rocky or difficult foundation conditions).

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