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Renovations, Additions and Bathroom Renovations


Our success and experience in building new homes, particularly on difficult sites, has allowed us to develop a reputation for delivering stylish, functional home renovations and additions.


Our approach to the renovation process helps you, the owner create your dream home renovation / addition;


  • Understanding Your Vision - We listen carefully to your design ideas, your objectives for your renovation and your budget targets. We also discuss with you problems you may be having with your existing space. From this we ensure that we have a clear picture of your goals for your building improvement project. During this stage we can share with you some ideas from the 100’s of projects we have completed.
  • Getting the Design Right - Taking your Vision we will work to develop a design that meets your space, style, functionality and budget goals. Where you have an existing design we will work with you and the architect / designer to ensure that we thoroughly understand the project brief.
  • Pre Construction Preparation - Once the brief (drawings and specifications) have been agreed we work with our suppliers and contractors to identify potential issues and solutions to these and to ensure that we have a detailed project plan that will enable us to meet the brief. During this stage we also identify what licences and regulatory approvals are needed for the project and agree an approach to minimising disruption to your everyday life - where you plan to remain in your home during construction.

At this stage we complete proposed costing for the project.

  • Agree the Contract - Armed with a sound project construction and cost plan we work with you to agree the budget and to refine the brief and develop the Contract - we use MBA recommended approaches for documenting the Contract where needed.
  • Obtain Approvals - We work with all the relevant authorities to ensure that the required building approvals are granted.
  • Build the Dream - Any changes to the brief agreed during the finalisation of the Contract are incorporated into the Project Plan. Our pre-contract preparations allow us to be well prepared to marshal the necessary labour and materials to commence construction quickly and to ensure that it is completed in a timely fashion.

Our Managing Director, Justo Bouzo, is directly involved in all the home renovation / addition projects undertaken by SBC. This ensures that you have direct access to the ultimate decision making in SBC and that you get quick resolution to any issues that may develop during the life of the project.



SBC’s many years of success in the building of architecturally designed new homes and home renovations mean that it is ideally equipped to undertake bathroom renovations.


Many homeowners recognise that bathroom renovations present particular plumbing, waterproofing and aesthetic finishing challenges. Most specialist renovation contractors are able to satisfactorily meet these challenges. The structural design and building challenges that are often associated with renovating a bathroom are not always so well understood.


SBC’s experience as a builder means that it is able to better manage unexpected building issues uncovered during a bathroom renovation project. This experience also means that SBC can identify structural constraints and opportunities, before work commences, allowing solutions / innovations to be included in the design of the bathroom.


SBC’s building experience and our ability to effectively supervise / coordinate the necessary designers, specialist trades (like plumbers, tilers, waterproofing contractors, painters and plasterers) and material suppliers means that your bathroom renovation will be an outstanding, value adding, new space within your home - one that is well built and functional and in keeping with your vision of style and fashion.

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